Monday, March 22, 2021

Mountaineer Rental Assistance Program now open and accepting applications

If you are a renter who is struggling to pay rent or utilities because of financial hardship due to the Coronavirus, you may be eligible for assistance from the The Mountaineer Rental Assistance Program (MRAP). MRAP is now open and accepting applications.

Eligible tenants must have:

  • household income under 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) which varies by county, see the chart here
  • one or more household members suffering financial hardship due to the pandemic (such as a period of unemployment, reduction in household income, incurring significant costs)
  • one or more household members at risk of homelessness because of past due utility or behind on rent

Kinds of payments that can be covered include rent, past due rent, past due utilities and energy costs.

Payments due April 1, 2020 and after can be eligible for coverage.

There is no cap on the assistance amount available to a renter, but there is a 15 month limit total, and there are some limits for certain kinds of payments.

Even HUD and other housing beneficiaries can be eligible for assistance but only for the amount owed by the tenant that is not covered by another benefit source.

The covered payments will not go to the tenant, but rather will go directly to the landlord or service provider who is owed the arrearage. Landlords cannot apply directly, only tenants can apply and if found eligible then their landlords will need to complete some documentation to get paid.

You can apply for Mountaineer Rental Assistance Program (MRAP) online here

If you are a West Virginia resident age 60 or over you can call WV Senior Legal Aid for answers and help at 1-800-229-5068.

If you are under age 60 you may be able to get assistance through a local MRAP partner from this list

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