Friday, December 17, 2004

Case of the Week: 12/13/04

County: Jefferson
Age: 65

This 65-year-old lady contacted us after she learned from her bank that her CD had a hold on it. Apparently, her son was delinquent on child support payments and the state was trying to find any source of money to attach. When I spoke with her, she said that her son was listed as a secondary person on the title; however, she was sure that when she put her son's name on the CD it was POD. After some investigation, we learned that the bank had made an error. Our client has indeed structured the CD to be POD to her son; however, the bank worded the title wrong. After reviewing some documents my client forwarded to me, it appeared as though the bank needed to amend its answer to the attachment. My client immediately contacted her bank and now informs me that the issue has been resolved and the bank has corrected the title. Her CD is safe.


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