Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Case of the Week 3/16/07

Client's Age: 69
County: Ohio

Client has 4 credit card debts with which she has been struggling to keep up payments, plus medical debt, she's in arrears with her utilities, and has a mortgage and car payment. After carefully reviewing her assets, income sources, debt, and expenses, we explained that she is largely collection-proof, except for a small private pension that is a relatively small portion of her monthly income. We helped her understand the different legal rights she has related to the different kinds of debts and bills she has, and helped her understand that her mortgage and utilities should always be a priority over her unsecured debt. We also explained how to write cease letters to her creditors, and encouraged her to call back if she ever got sued or reached a point where her mortgage and living expenses (excluding payments toward unsecured debt) became unaffordable.


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