Thursday, July 08, 2010

WVSLA receives a Model Approaches grant from AoA

West Virginia Senior Legal Aid was awarded a Model Approaches to Statewide Legal Assistance Systems grant from the federal Administration on Aging. It is a 3 year demonstration grant designed to create a comprehensive, well-integrated, cost-effective, efficient and high quality legal services delivery system for needy senior West Virginians. The objectives of the project include:

1. Convene an Elderlaw Advisory Group
2. Do an assessment of the legal needs of seniors in our state and an assessment of the current delivery system in our state
3. Cost-effectively dispel legal mythology among seniors through a series of local workshops for seniors
4. Efficiently and cost-effectively provide relevant legal trainings to senior service providers online
5. Improve our state's system of response to financial exploitation of seniors by people in positions of trust
6. Reach out to and serve the special legal needs of the LGBT senior population in WV
7. Bring WVSLA and LAWV together to better coordinate our services to seniors
8. Enhance pro bono referral especially to our target populations

We will upload the project proposal onto our newly redesigned website next week.


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