Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pro Bono Appreciation Week 2010

West Virginia Senior Legal Aid (WVSLA) and Legal Aid of West Virginia (LAWV) partnered to produce Free Days at the senior centers in Monongalia County and Randolph County this week in celebration of Pro Bono Appreciation Week. A Free Day brings local private attorneys to provide a free 30 minute consultation with any member of the community who wants one. We impose no eligibility requirements on clients for free days, they may be any age or any income.

Senior centers are wonderful places to hold these events, and both the Monongalia and Randolph County senior center staff kindly and generously provided us private meeting spaces, free parking, coffee, and hospitality. Many of the clients we served were seniors, but for some younger people in the community the event provided an opportunity to come see the local senior center for the first time.

WVSLA and LAWV send their special thanks to all the local attorneys who donated their time at our Free Days!


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