Monday, April 11, 2011

Timeline for implementing healthcare reform

The Kaiser Family Foundation has created an interactive online timeline to show how different provisions of healthcare reform law will be implemented. Users can click along the timeline to expand each provision for more information. You can also customize what appears on the timeline by checking or unchecking boxes for different topics, such as Medicare, prescription drugs, affordability, fraud, and long-term care.

The interactive timeline is part of a larger website dedicated to providing understandable information about healthcare reform. Other pages on the site include flowcharts, videos, and summaries about various aspects of healthcare law including how the individual mandate to acquire insurance will work, how the law affects Medicaid, and a subsidy calculator.

The Kaiser Family Foundation is a non-partisan non-profit private foundation that produces research and policy analysis on healthcare in the US, provides a clearinghouse for public health information, and operates public health campaigns about HIV/AIDS.


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