Monday, March 26, 2012

WV Bureau of Senior Services to create In-home caregiver registry

House Bill 4062, signed by the Governor last week, creates new WV Code ยง16-5P-15 which calls for the WV Bureau of Senior Services (BoSS) to create an in-home caregiver registry. The registry is voluntary for any unlicensed caregiver who wants to register and who is willing to undergo a criminal background check. the status of that check, plus the workers other qualifications, such as educational attainment, will be listed in the registry.

There are very few details in the legislation about how the registry will operate or what particular qualifications will be included. The BoSS will develop the criteria and functionality of the registry, including how people and agencies seeking information about potential caregivers may access the contents of the registry.

When asked about the new registry, Lee Jones, Executive Director of Ritchie County Integrated Family Services said, "this is a good thing for agencies that provide in-home care." There is a shortage of willing and qualified in-home workers in the state and this registry may help agencies fill open positions more quickly. Individuals seeking to hire their own in-home workers directly will also benefit. Criminal background checks can be expensive and time-consuming to complete, so having that information readily available about a potential in-home care worker will be valuable for both agencies and individuals.


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