Friday, November 02, 2012

Power Restoration Schedules after Superstorm Sandy

Over 350,000 customers lost power as a result of Monday's superstorm. Over 3 feet of snow fell in parts of the highlands bringing down trees and powerlines and trees on powerlines.

West Virginia counties covered by Mon Power (a subsidiary of First Energy Corporation) are listed on the following website including number of customers with outages, number of customers restored, and expected schedule of restoration for communities within each county: and here are estimated restoration dates. You can also get updates by following MonPower's twitter @MonPOwerWV

Counties covered by Appalachian Power are listed on the following website including when restoration is expected to be complete You can get updates by following Appalachian Energy's twitter @appalchianpowe (not a typo, there's no "r" at the end)


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