Friday, February 21, 2014

WV Legislature Crossover Day Next Week

Our state legislature is in regular session through the first week of March 2014. Next week, February 26, the fiftieth day of the session, is also known as "crossover day." It is the deadline by which any bill or must have had its 3rd reading in its house of origin in order to have a chance of passage in the other house. Budget and supplementary appropriation bills are excepted from this rule.

You can check the status of bills that interest you through the legislature's website and any bill that has not made it to 3rd reading in its originating house will be dead for this year.

One of the issues supported by our 2013 Silver Haired Legislature was the legalization of medical marijuana. HB 4264 as of today has not made it out of the House Health and Human Resources Committee. If it does not get to the floor for three readings by crossover day it will be be dead until next year.


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