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LIEAP Low Income Energy Assistance Program 2015 Info Sheet

West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources LlEAP FACT SHEET FY 2015

The FY 2015 Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LiEAP) is administered by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR), Bureau for Children and Families, Office of Children and Family Policy, Division of Family Assistance. The program provides assistance to lowincome households in meeting the costs of home heating. Funding for the program is made available through a federal block grant, and use of the funds is subject to federal regulations.

Program Duration
The opening and closing of the Regular LlEAP component will be announced as appropriate. The Emergency LlEAP component will open following the close of Regular LlEAP and will continue until remaining funds are exhausted. The program is subject to closure without advance notice. This assistance is offered only during the heating season.

Eligibility Requirements
In order to be eligible for LlEAP, a household must be responsible for the cost of home heating, and the total gross monthly income of the household must fall within certain eligibility guidelines. (Some types of income may be excluded for LlEAP).
The maximum allowable gross income levels for LlEAP FY 2015 are listed below:
1 Person Household$1 ,265
2 Person Household$1,705
3 Person Household$2,144
4 Person Household$2,584
5 Person Household$3,024
6 Person Household$3,464
7 Person Household$3,904
8 Person Household$4,344
9 Person Household$4,784
10 Person Household$5,224
For each additional person, add $440.

Applications from ineligible households will be denied. Individuals who are denied may reapply, providing the program is still open, or may request a fair hearing. Once the program closes, applications will no longer be accepted, and those received by mail after closure will be denied. All applications will be processed within 30 days after receipt by DHHR or one of the agencies authorized to accept LlEAP applications, or after the date the program opens, whichever is later. Approved payments will be made directly to a vendor where appropriate.

Where to Apply
Application forms may be obtained from local DHHR offices, Community Action agencies, or senior centers after the program opens. Targeted households will receive an automatic payment or an application by mail prior to the opening date of the program. The application form will also be available on the DHHR website at https:llwww.wvinroads.org /i nroads/. Applications may be mailed to or dropped off at a local DHHR office or made in person at any of the above locations after the program opens. LlEAP forms must not be mailed to home heating providers, as this will delay the application process. DHHR will make the final decision regarding eligibility.

Application Procedures
The following items are required to process LlEAP applications and must be included with or attached to any application mailed to DHHR:
1. Name, Social Security Number, and birth date (not age) of each household member (anyone living in the home at the time of application).
2. Proof of all household income (earned and unearned) when any household member is employed (check stubs, award letters, employer statements, etc.). If no one is employed, the amount of any unearned income must be entered on the application.
3. A recent heating bill, showing the account number, or bulk fuel receipt, as appropriate. If a bill or receipt is not available, other documentation of the monthly heating cost must be provided. This may include receipts from last winter, providing there has been no change in address or heating source, or a note from the landlord or utility provider.
4. If the household claims zero income, applicants may be asked to provide statements that document how living expenses have been met at least 30 days prior to the date of application, and that home heating costs are not being paid by someone not in the home.
5. A telephone number where the applicant can be reached or can receive a message. If any additional information is required to process the application andlor determine eligibility for LlEAP, applicants will be contacted and allowed at least (10) business days from the date of the request to obtain and return the requested information. Individuals applying in person are asked to bring the verifications to the interview.

Emergency L1EAP
Application for Emergency LlEAP must be made in person at a DHHR office when a household receives a termination notice from the home heating vendor or runs out of, or is nearly out of, bulk fuel. Applicants must verify that this is a true home heating emergency as defined by DHHR policy. Any additional information required to determine eligibility must be provided within five (5) business days from the date of application. Failure to provide requested verification will result in denial of the Emergency LlEAP application. Households may be referred for energy conservation andlor money management counseling when available.



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