Friday, May 08, 2020


Too many debts to deal with these days?

Unfortunately, many Americans are finding that to be true as we endure the novel coronavirus pandemic and its far-reaching economic impact.

While there are programs to freeze or defer some debts and expenses temporarily, such as credit card payments and rent, that relief is just for the short term.

As many struggle to keep up with their bills in these uncertain times, the suggestion of contacting your creditors to work out terms to handle these debts probably should not be the first step taken.

Instead, looking at the big picture and listing which debts are past due, currently due, and will be owed in the near future may be the most beneficial starting point.

Of course, being able to pay for the necessities of food, shelter, utilities and transportation is at the top of the list for your budget. If one or more of those bills is past due, they are crucial to focus on immediately.

The staff attorneys at West Virginia Senior Legal Aid can help state residents, age 60 and over, review their current financial situation and work out a listing of which bills need to be given top priority, secondary priority, and so on.

The WVSLA attorneys have experience working with the laws, programs and regulations dealing with mortgages, rent, utilities, car loans, credit cards, etc. and can assist with recommending how to put your financial house in order. There is no charge for their guidance.

Remember also that some debt collectors will use predatory practices. They will attempt to persuade you to pay the debt they are trying to collect and will have no concern about any others that won’t be paid.

Finding the right combination of satisfying current living expenses and handling debt can take some thought and effort. Calling West Virginia Senior Legal Aid at 800-229-5068 can help seniors avoid painful mistakes and get going in the right direction.

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