Monday, June 08, 2020

Make your vote count! Important info about your absentee ballot.

West Virginians, we have an election tomorrow. It's a primary election for many offices, but it's the final election for non-partisan offices like judges at all levels. 

If you applied for an absentee ballot in order for your vote to count you must either: bring your completed ballot in person to your county clerk today, mail your ballot with postmark by tomorrow, or vote in person tomorrow at your polling place. 

But if you received an absentee ballot upon your request but never sent it in and prefer to vote in person at your polling place you should BRING THE ABSENTEE BALLOT WITH YOU to the polling place. You can still vote if you haven't already turned in your absentee ballot and you don't bring in the blank one to be destroyed at the polling place, however, you will have to vote a provisional ballot. That means your vote will not be counted on election night, it will be sent to the Board of Canvassers for further on a case-by-case basis. 

It is fraud a crime to vote twice, so if you voted by absentee ballot it is not legal for you to vote again in person at your polling place.

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