Thursday, September 03, 2020

Census participation critical for seniors, deadline moved up to 9/30/20

The US Census Bureau has moved up the final deadline for getting counted in the 2020 census to September 30, 2020. That means you have one month less than previously announced to complete your census.

Seniors are among the most important West Virginians to get counted because so many of our programs and services for seniors are funded in part by federal dollars. Federal funding is distributed across the country through formulas that are based on these census figures.

So the more seniors who get counted in West Virginia the higher our share of federal funding for many programs for seniors like home delivered meals, transportation, and home care.

It's a crime to refuse to participate in the census, though we have never heard of anyone actually being prosecuted for it.

If you haven't completed your census yet for whatever reason, you still have time, but not much. You can submit your information online or find out how to submit it by phone or mail by going to

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