Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Good website on Home & Community-based Medicaid Waivers

In searching for a copy of our current Aged and Disabled Waiver as approved by CMS (no luck yet), I discovered this website:

It's got a variety of interesting specific info on waivers state by state (everything from forms to reports and papers), as well as a variety of info that can help policy makers and advocates working toward more progressive and client-centered services through Medicaid waivers.

For the uninitiated, waivers are optional programs states can use to get federal Medicaid matching dollars to provide services beyond what is included in their state Medicaid plans. There are several different types of waivers available through CMS, and some states have very creative and progressive waivers in place. Unlike state plan services which are generally entitlements for any eligible applicant, the state may limit the number of eligible applicants the waiver will serve, so waitlists are a common problem on waivers.


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