Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Longterm Care Planning Toolkit from AoA

Here's a link to a longterm care planning kit I recently discovered from AoA. You have to put your ZIP code first, then click Download, and you get a 27 page .pdf file, only 2 MB, with some questions to ask yourself and resources to consult and steps you can take.

Beware that first and foremost the toolkit pushes longterm care insurance. I don't think LTC insurance is a reasonably affordable option for many senior West Virginians. I also think that many senior West Virginians have a thing for insurance, they really like having it and they tend to trust that it will take care of everything. Whether it will take care of everything really remains to be seen regarding longterm care. The policies are fairly new in this market, and we haven't seen enough people make use of the benefits yet to see whether they really cover what you need and want when you actually get to the point of needing the benefits. It's a much more complicated concept than, say, homeowners insurance or car insurance.


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