Thursday, January 24, 2008

WV Legislature in session, how to keep up on bills which may affect seniors

Our state unit on aging, the West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services (BoSS), sorts through the every piece of legislation coming out of both House and Senate to identify which bills may impact senior West Virginians. You can read a weekly report from BoSS listing those bills, what they are about, who sponsored them, and where they are in the legislative process by going to this section of their website and clicking on the Weekly Legislative Update. It's a .pdf file that is 15 pages this week.

You can then go see the actual text of any bill that strikes your fancy by going to the WV Legislature's website page called Bill Status. You can search by bill number, words in the text, or even browse lists of bills subject, date, house, etc.

Then of course you can take the opportunity to let your legislators know what you think about the bills they are considering. The legislature's website offers several ways for you to identify your representatives and get their contact info (review names from a list of all members, click where you live on a state map for senate or house, pull down names or district numbers for house or senate, etc.). Any delegate or senator worthy of the office will welcome informed input from a constituent like you.


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