Monday, November 01, 2004

Case of the Week: 11/01/2004

County: Monongalia
Age of client: 88

Our client is an elderly lady on a fixed income. She owns two houses. She has been renting one of the homes to a relative and her boyfriend for $150/mo. She agreed to rent the house during the summer of 2003 and did so to help her relative out. When our client contacted me, the "renters" were eight months behind on the agreed upon rent. On several occasions she contacted the adverse party and requested payment. She also notified the adverse party of her intent to sell the house and requested that they leave. The adverse party never responded to her requests and she felt thoroughly taken advantage of. I sent a letter on our client's behalf asking the adverse party to leave the house by November 1, 2004. If they failed to do so, I would then advise the client to take appropriate legal action. The adverse party responded immediately and have since vacated the house. My client can now proceed with selling the house.


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