Friday, November 12, 2004

Case of the Week: 11/08/04

County: Gilmer
Age: 65

Our client is a 65-year-old lady who has gone through a chapter 13 bankruptcy. Our client faithfully made the required payments to the bankruptcy trustee as ordered by the court. She looked forward to the day that she would make that final payment. When that day came, she proudly wrote "Paid in Full" on her check and thought that she was finally free from the whole ordeal. Four months later, however, she received a notice that she was behind on her payments and that she needed to make 15 more installments. She was surprised, because she knew she had paid all the installments. Moreover, she received a check from one of her creditors for an overpayment. Not knowing what to do she called us. I contacted the bankruptcy court and spoke with their staff attorney. After reviewing her bankruptcy file, and speaking with the trustee, we surmised that only one more $50 payment needed to be made for her case to be closed. I advised the client to send her $50 payment to the trustee with "Paid in Full."


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